4 Things: Romantic Couples can do in Malta

4 Things: Romantic Couples can do in Malta

Are you up for fronting a beautiful island that’s bejeweled with captivating historical gems and picturesque sun-drenched scenery? What if we say, this place is so stunning that it’ll surely double the love-signals between you and your Mr/Ms. Perfect? Well in that case, it’s time for you to consider Malta to pay a visit to, this season. Malta is a place that finely stirs up the romance with affection to make it a perfect example of a True Love. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why this place is considered as the ultimate romantic spot for couples.

For those of you overlooking Malta because of its being a little island, it’s time for the reality check. When you step into this island, there is an endless package of fun and joy waiting for ahead. So let’s begin with;

Barrakka Gardens

How about if we start with some sight-softeners like the fantabulous greenery of Barrakka Gardens? Want a vibe to come out from somewhere deep within? Just try out the heart-throbbing view from the upper end of the garden as it enables you to see the whole Varetta. Over the Grand Harbor, you will also get to see the Cannon Salute but make sure you go at noon for that.

Boat Tour

Willing to sail past the stunning harbors of Malta? Just book a boat tour and you’ve got a bazillion things to do over, on and under these cute ripples. You can just begin with a champagne on the deck having new sight every other moment like under cliffs and caves etc. Then just stop at blue lagoon to dive off. There, you’ll get a chance to snorkel with fish. Ahead, you get to set your legs onto the captivating island of Gozo.

Island of Gozo

You said Gozo right! Mentioning it specifically, don’t underestimate it of being tiny island as it’s going to leave you spellbound with the natural treasure, charm and fascinating sight it has got. While wandering through Gozo, don’t forget the Azure Window that’s a huge cliff formation along with a window that actually looks through the sea. Must snorkel while being at such a beautiful place and when hungry, just visit the quaint cafes. The food there is simply delicious and if you feel like feeding the holistic corner somewhere within your heart, make sure to visit the stunning ancient churches there.

Marvel at Manoel Theatre

Take your beloved one to the oldest theatre in Europe. Believe it or not, Manoel Theatre is truly amazing. It’s got the ornate decor that makes it perfect for watching orchestras, balls, plays and some extravagant event. Therefore, make sure that you and your better half have spent some time there as well.

In a nutshell, Malta has always been quite fascinating for the couples as it adds up to tremendously to their love-life. In fact, many have even planned to apply for the Citizenship through investment so that the rest of their lives are full of love, joy and happiness.


Do you want to travel with your better half to some romantic place? Just visit Malta.


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