2 Mountain Regions in Qinghai that Have Managed to Impress Several Birders

2 Mountain Regions in Qinghai that Have Managed to Impress Several Birders

Is your wife’s favorite hobby birding? And, do you want to surprise her on her birthday by planning a trip to a spot where she can come across a wide variety of birds? Well then, I must say that’s an amazing idea. And I’m quite sure that your wife would definitely love this surprise. So waste no more time, visit a reputed travel agency in your city and book a birding tour. However, in case you don’t find any travel agency in your city that arranges bird-watching tours, then start browsing the net. On the internet, you will surely come across a wide variety of companies that are popular for arranging bird watching trips all across the globe.

Now coming to the main part – have you decided the spot where you’ll take your wife on a birding spree? What? You don’t have much idea about the spots that are ideal for birding? Worry not; I’ll help you pick a destination that is a home to several species of birds.

Being a birding tour guide, I have visited numerous places all across the globe that are ideal for bird-watching. But out of all those sites, there’s just one that has blown my mind in terms of its scenic beauty as well as the wide variety of birds it harbours. And that place is none other than Qinghai, China. This province is a home to around 294 species of birds. Isn’t that quite a lot? So, find a travel agency immediately that can arrange a Qinghai birding tour for you.

Qinghai Lake is Not the Only Birding Spot in This Province

If you research about the best birding spots in Qinghai, the only spot that most of the search engines generally show is the Qinghai Lake. But you’ll be glad to know that I’m going to mention about 2 mountain regions in this province where you’ll come across numerous species of birds here. To know more, just keep reading!

  • Huzhu Beishan Mountain

Located in Huzhu county which is 40 kilometers Northeast of Xining, the capital of Qinghai, Huzhu Beishan or North Mountain Forest National Park is one of the best bird watching spots in this province. In this spot, you’ll come across two unique Chinese endemic birds such as the Blue Eared Pheasant and the Chinese Hazel Grouse.

If you are thinking that these two are the only kinds of birds that are easily visible in this area,then you are mistaken. Here’s a list of other kinds of birds found in this forested mountain:

  • Black   Woodpecker
  • Chestnut   Thrush
  • Himalaya Bluetail
  • Spotted   Bush   Warbler
  • Large-billed   and Chinese Leaf Warblers
  • Grey-headed Bullfinch
  • Verreaux’s Monal Partridge and much more
  • Rubber Mountain

The next mountain region in this province, which many other professional birders and I feel is the ultimate bird-watching destination is none other than the Rubber Mountain that is situated in Hainan, Qinghai. One type of “rare to find bird” that you’ll be able to spot here is the Pink-tailed Bunting. And apart from this, there are a wide variety of other birds that you’ll come across in the scrubby mountain slope such as:

  • Tibetan Partridge
  • Rosefinches
  • Robin Accentor
  • Alpine Warbler
  • White-browed Tit-warblers and much more

Now that you know about the two other virgin bird watching spots in Qinghai, what are you waiting for? Contact a reputed travel agency that includes (or can customize and include) these two mountain regions in its Qinghai birding tour package.

And to know about Sichuan birding tours, keep following my articles!

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