One of the most beautiful & cultural place in the whole world where you can find a number of striking spots to enjoy.

Exploring the ancient souks in Moroccan cities and dipping yourself in the traditional blend can convince you to live here forever.  Family holidays to Morocco are the best time source to enjoy the trips with a skilled guide who can be a great guide for you and lead you to the most splendid spots to relish.  Some top destinations are recorded below if you want to visit morocco:


A visit to the Imperial City of Fes, it is described and faceted that Fez is the oldest and largest primitive city in the world. The antique Medina is a busy hive of activity which remnants worlds apart from 21st-century life.

fez holidays

In the warren of winding alleys, scattered with attractive mosques and towers, spectacular synagogues, market arcades and powerful smelling tanneries, it’s very easy to get lost in the great Fes. To direct your way through the medina there are five diverse routes you can follow, each with a different color, each with a changed theme, such as forts and gardens, old-fashioned crafts etc.


Essaouira has an 18th century, the charming coastal town with heartened medina. The town has now protracted beyond its antique walls but is still small adequate to discover on foot and any city gate leads to the medina, so you’re implausible to get lost.

There’s an extensive, sandy beach in front of the Medina and plenty of cafés and restaurants with outside walkways for al fresco dining. Blue doors and window edges abound in Essaouira, as do art colonnades, jeweler stalls, and other craft stalls. Activities on offer in Essaouira include wind surfing, waterboarding, and horse riding. Laid back Essaouira is the seamless place to enjoy some rest and reductions after exploring Morocco’s busy Majestic Cities.

Essaouira Holidays


The seaside town of Taghazout has come a long way from its modest origins as a sleepy fishing village. Today this coastal hub has become Morocco’s number one surfing journey’s point and appeals boarders from all over the world looking for some superiority wave stroke.

Surf culture succeeds here, meaning that the atmosphere is about as laid-back as it can get and, when you are not equine the water, the main activities are lying on a beach, laying in a hammock or placing by a pool. For those who have worn themselves out surfing, there are plenty of yoga classes, which focus on stretching out and soothing sore muscles. There is also an attractive exciting culinary scene here thanks to Taghazoute’s desirable location right next to the sea.


High up in the Rif Mountains the attractive town of Chefchaouen, which was initially a Berber post, has a gorgeous white-walled Medina with characteristic blue-hued buildings. The main square is perhaps the city’s main charm and offers a mix of traditional Moroccan items and traveler souvenirs.

While Chefchaouen has more than enough to keep people affianced, just outside of the blue walls are a number of natural marvels, including the magical cascades d’Akchour. Travelers can scrutinize in Morocco holidays 2019 at these beautiful waterfalls before taking a dip in one of the rock pools and snapping a photo of the Bridge of God, a rock arch that spreads across the river.

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